HL400-F Frame dispenser with 400 pairs Bilsom 303L

Hearing Protection

  • Feature Durable plastic design is an economical choice for dispensing earplugs.
  • The HL400 base is able to fit on existing wall mounts of other dispensers, including the Howard Leight LS400, as well as competitor mounts.
  • The universal hole positions match many other dispensers, eliminating the need to drill new holes.
  • The table base can also be mounted to a horizontal surface to ensure stabilization and prevent movement.
  • Mounts to wall or stands as table-top dispenser with balanced footing.
  • Twist knob to dispense uncorded earplugs.
  • Catch basin prevents earplugs from falling to the ground.
  • Matrix, Max, Max Lite, Laser Lite and MultiMax bulk bag refills available.
  • Holds 400 pairs of uncorded earplugs.
  • POLYURETHANE FOAM Soft foam delivers superior long-wearing comfort and solid performance.
  • SMOOTH, SOIL-RESISTANT SKIN Prevents dirt or other substances from accumulating on skin or entering ear canal.
  • The Bilsom 300 Series earplugs are ideal for workers who need to block out loud noise demand the best protection and comfort available in an earplug.
  • Europe most-used polyurethane earplug, the 300 series earplug, offers superior noise blocking performance in a single-use earplug.
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