How to Dispose of Old Furniture in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide by Get My Junk UAE

Whether you’re upgrading your furniture, relocating, or simply decluttering your space, disposing of old furniture can be a daunting task.

In Dubai, where regulations and procedures may differ from other parts of the world, it’s essential to know the proper channels for disposing of furniture responsibly.

This guide will walk you through two prominent options available in Dubai: the Dubai Municipality and Get My Junk UAE.

1. Dubai Municipality Bulky Waste Collection

The Dubai Municipality offers various services to residents, including waste management and disposal. When it comes to disposing of old furniture, here’s what you need to know:

a. Contact Dubai Municipality:

Start by contacting the Dubai Municipality through their official channels. You can reach them via their Bulky Waste Collection Number, email, or their website.

Provide details about the furniture you need to dispose of, such as its type, size, and quantity. This information will help them determine the appropriate disposal method.

b. Schedule a Pickup:

Once you’ve contacted the Dubai Municipality Bulky Waste Collection, they will schedule a pickup time for your old furniture.

Make sure to be available at the scheduled time to ensure a smooth pickup process.

c. Prepare the Furniture:

Place the furniture in an accessible location outside your home or building. If you live in an apartment complex, coordinate with building management to ensure a designated pickup spot.

Ensure that the furniture is free from any personal belongings or hazardous materials.

d. Disposal Method:

The Dubai Municipality will dispose of the furniture using environmentally friendly methods, such as recycling or proper waste management practices.

Some items may be refurbished or donated if they’re in good condition, contributing to community welfare efforts.

2. Get My Junk UAE

Get My Junk UAE is a private junk removal service operating in Dubai. They offer convenient solutions for disposing of various types of waste, including old furniture removal in Dubai. Here’s how to utilize their services:

a. Schedule a Pickup:

Visit the Get My Junk UAE website or contact them via phone or email to schedule a pickup.

Provide details about the furniture you need to dispose of and your location to facilitate the process.

b. Pickup and Removal:

On the scheduled date, the Get My Junk UAE team will arrive at your location to remove the old furniture.

They will handle the lifting, loading, and transportation of the furniture, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

c. Responsible Disposal:

Get My Junk UAE follows responsible disposal practices, including recycling whenever possible.

They ensure that your old furniture is disposed of in accordance with local regulations and environmental standards.

d. Additional Services:

In addition to furniture disposal Dubai, Get My Junk UAE may offer other services such as general junk removal, electronic waste disposal, and construction debris cleanup.

Tips for Responsible Furniture Disposal in Dubai:

Check for Donation Opportunities: Before disposing of furniture, consider donating it to charitable organizations or individuals in need.

Minimize Waste: Whenever possible, opt for refurbishment or repair instead of disposal to extend the lifespan of your furniture.

Follow Local Regulations: Ensure that you adhere to Dubai’s waste management regulations to avoid any fines or penalties.

Plan Ahead: Schedule furniture disposal well in advance, especially if you’re moving or undergoing renovations, to avoid last-minute stress.


Disposing of old furniture in Dubai doesn’t have to be a complex process. By utilizing services like the Dubai Municipality or Get My Junk UAE, you can conveniently and responsibly dispose of your old furniture while contributing to environmental sustainability. Remember to plan ahead, follow proper procedures, and consider donation or refurbishment options whenever possible for a more sustainable approach to furniture disposal in Dubai.

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